Be Brave!

braveI have two words for you today…. be brave! If you don’t read any further, if you don’t hear anything else today, I pray that you read and hear this…. be brave!

Life can be scary, it can be a real struggle. For those of us struggling with infertility/infant or pregnancy loss it may seem down right impossible. The countless doctor appointments. The medication that leaves you feeling like the forgotten character from One Flew Over the Cookoos Nest. There might be an unanswered or an unexplained prognosis or test result. Or there might be the ending you never saw coming. It all has an unreal ability to make you feel beaten down, crushed, or deflated. Even when you tell yourself you are ok with moving on, something pops up that makes you question your resolve.

But dear one, I encourage you, no I implore you to be brave! Deuteronomy 31: tells us, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified, because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you, nor forsake you” The Lord goes on to command Joshua in verse 23 “Be strong and courageous…. I myself will be with you!” I have noticed that the phrase be strong and courageous appear roughly ten or so times throughout the bible. Each time it is mentioned the Israelites were up against some serious odds and still the Lord was telling them to “be brave”.

The definition of the word brave is: ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage. By definition, all of us who struggle with infertility and loss, are already brave. In trying to conceive and living after loss we “are ready to face and endure danger and pain”. All that is left is for us to now LIVE IT! Be Brave!

I’m currently reading an absolutely incredible book titled Girls With Swords by Lisa Bevere. If you haven’t read it you really must. Lisa Bevere writes in her book, “Don’t imagine that always brave translates to never afraid.” I pray you really soak that in. There will be times in any trial when you are afraid, but that should never stop you from being brave. Be strong and courageous because He is with you. And when He is with you who can stand against you (Romans 8:31). That alone should give you the courage you need to be brave! Mrs. Bevere also writes in her book, “Lovely one, if you dare to dream,, you must be brave enough to fight.” What greater dream is there than for parenthood? To finally conceive/adopt that child you have been longing for! Be brave enough to fight.

God did not create in us a spirit of timidity or fear. He created in us a spirit of strength and courage, all we have to do is fully trust that He is with you. Be brave on your journey for our Father is with you wherever you go.

*Do you need a little more encouragement? Here are some scriptures that will strengthen and encourage you as you press on towards being brave: Deuteronomy 31:6,7,23; Joshua 1:6, 9, 18, 10:25; 1 Chronicles 22:13, 28:20; 2 Chronicles 32:7. Also check out You Make Me Brave by Bethel Music (just make sure you crank up the volume really loud!).


12 thoughts on “Be Brave!

  1. Here from ICLW – Courage is my favorite word (hence, the title of my blog)! I will have to look up your book recommendation. I also recommend you look into Brene Brown’s book The Gifts of Imperfection. She talks a lot about being brave and scared at the same time.

  2. ok, this is my sign. What a great reminder just to know that he is ALWAYS with us and to lean on Him and Trust in him. And you even have a homework assignment. Love it! I wish I had my Bible with me at work, that would be worth spending my lunch hour looking up the rest of the verses.

    • Oh I am so happy this resonated with you! It is something that He has been whispering to me for a while. I pray He continues to whishper to you as well and as you pour over those verse you find one that speaks to you. And when you do treasure it on your heart forever!

      • I think being brave is something you need and/or end up with becuase of this journey. For any thing worth fighting for, fertility or just overcoming a hardship in general. We’ll come out the other side holding the hands of the Lord and a new day will begin. So thankful that I bumped into your blog. It seems to be excatly what I was looking for. 🙂

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